“One child, one teacher, one book, can change the world.”

-Malala Yousafzai



Our mission is to provide excellence in education to impoverished children, unlocking the potential each one holds. Our vision is to develop engaged and informed leaders with the tools to think critically and the skills to move forward out of poverty. The medium is English, the method is inquiry based, the result is transformative. 


The medium is English, the method is inquiry-based, and the result is transformative.


From matchbox factory to home

Founded in 2008, Village Community Foundation provides excellence in education to the children of Chettipalayam, India who otherwise would not attend school.

We opened our doors in 2009, educating 45 students in JK/SK in a converted matchbox factory. Every year we have added a new class and continued to grow to the 452 thriving students through Grade 11 we have today.  We employ 48 teachers with a support staff of 35 - employment which adds economic uplift to our economically disadvantaged area. Our Principal, Jim Brickell, moved from Canada and the York School to provide leadership and ensure our goals are implemented. This year our first class of Grade 10 students achieved 100% success in the National Grade Ten Placement Exam, with several students scoring in the top tier. 

Our students are often the first of their family to attend school, or to learn to read and write.