“My GPS journey started four years ago, when we planted small saplings and seeds. Now my life and journey has grown as big as the trees with blooming flowers. GPS has helped my daughter to achieve her dream as a graduate. Being a gardener at GPS has given me happiness and peace of mind.” - Radha, school gardener

We are a community hub that creates opportunities for our students and families to lead change within their communities.

  • Employ parents from the local community
  • Invest in essential infrastructure for quality of life
  • Host educational community workshops
  • Well-trusted social worker for parents and children
  • Partnerships for diverse programs and networking

In India

Less than half of households have access to safe drinking water.

60% of the population subsists on just $3 a day.

Although the Clean India campaign improved national access to toilets, open defecation remains prevalent in rural areas, particularly those with limited water access.

In Chettipalayam, limited green space has contributed to drought and poor vegetation.


100% of households have access to safe drinking water.

Family incomes have increased to an average of $7.31 a day. Since 2009, fathers’ incomes have increased 109% and mothers’ incomes have increased by 940%.

54% of our community has indoor plumbing, and we are set to achieve 100% by 2022.

The community planted a 1,000-tree Miyawaki forest and vegetable garden that has diversified the habitat significantly.