Day in the Life


My alarm wakes me up at six o’clock on Monday morning.

I’m glad to get up from my bed every morning with my mind fresh and ready to face another day. A warm breeze greets me and whispers, good morning.

Soon I brush my teeth, take a fresh bath and get dressed. After breakfast, I get my shoes and backpack organized and am ready to go.

“Bye mom, bye dad!” I call.

“Bye dear and have a great day!” they reply.

My brother and I always ride our bicycles to school together. Every day, we see many hummingbirds, peacocks, chickens, cows, dogs, goats, sheep, plants, trees and flowers.

Two-wheelers, cars, buses, people and even sheep join us on the road!

When I enter the school gates, a fresh breeze welcomes me because we have many trees planted in our school. Everything just seems cleaner and greener at GPS.


goes the assembly bell. The whole school gathers on the front playground. Our senior students lead the assembly, starting with flag hosting, weekly appreciations and, my favourite, Gotcha! During Gotcha, if you have done something nice during the week, you can win a prize. This week, my friend Jenny won!

Assembly ends with the singing of our national anthem. We stand at attention and sing it with pride.

After assembly, we all walk towards the canteen for our delicious morning porridge. I take my porridge, sit with my friends and enjoy every sip of it.

Every day, our first class is homeroom period. We start with a short meditation to help us improve our thinking power, relax and focus.

After meditation, I ask my friend Venba, “Do we have any tests today, because I don’t see them in my homework folder.”

“Nope,” she answers.

I start to read my favourite story book, The Secret Seven, and I was able to complete a chapter a few minutes before the bell.

After homeroom today we have English with Punitha mam. English is a fun subject, with stories, poems, grammar, spelling bee competitions, drama, songs and so much more! I have improved my English speaking, reading and understanding skills a lot over the years. This class is always fun.

Next is Social Studies. This class is really interesting. Every time my teacher starts explaining a topic, I feel like it is happening around me because we go so deep into the topic. It is a really fun way to learn.

Soon I hear the bell ringing to tell us it’s recess and time for a snack.

Chatting and giggling, we make the walk to the canteen. A nice aroma reaches my nose and my mouth starts to water—today is boiled peanuts and carrots!

After snack, we have play-time.

“Hey, what should we play?” asks Selvi.

“I have an idea for a game,” Venba says. “Start from the jumping rope, run all around the grounds, climb the ropes, slide down the slide, go on the swing two times, walk on the rocks, and hang on the zip line all the way back to the start.”

It was really fun and we had time to do the whole course twice!

The bell rings to start the next class.

Science is my favourite subject because we do a lot of experiments, research and practical hands-on learning.

In Biology, we have a Green School Program which includes many creative activities like making posters, rallies, artwork, planting trees, gardening, composting, recycling, and keeping the school grounds and our community tidy.

Later in the day, we have Tamil class. Tamil motivates me on storytelling, writing and singing poems.

Soon it is time for lunch. My school serves a healthy and delicious hot lunch every day. Canteen is also my favourite place at school!

Apart from all the academic classes at GPS, students also have fantastic co-curricular classes to take. I have discovered that I am really talented in yoga, and I have won many awards.

I am also really good at singing—I am even in the school choir!

Karate, a regular co-curricular activity at GPS, builds up my confidence physically and I have learnt how to self-defend from strangers.

Finally, we have a wonderful dance program. Dance refreshes my mind. I will always feel happy and warm while I dance.

My teachers and caretakers are really friendly to me. Every day they correct me, teach me good things, and take good care of me. They are my second family. That’s why we call caretakers “amma,” which means mother.

After a full day at school, I pack my backpack with my homework and walk to the canteen to get my evening fruit—often a banana, or delicious watermelon—and eat it while I chat to my friends about the day.

Then we go to the library and read our favourite books in the calm quiet. Our library is a wonderful place in our school, with over 10,000 amazing books, more than a student could ever need.

“Hey friends, what books did you guys sign out for the night?”

“Nancy Drew,” replied Jenny.

“Sarah Plain and Tall,” said Selvi.

“Holes,” exclaimed Venba.

Then we thanked the librarians and left.

Finally, it is time for us to leave school. I take my bicycle and start my ride back home.

In the evening, I take my time to do my homework and prepare for the next day at school. I know how lucky I am to go to an amazing school that has so much to offer.

After my mother’s delicious dinner and after we’ve shared about the day, I’m in my soft, comfy bed. I love to read for a few minutes in bed, so I pull out the book that I signed out of the library. My parents feel really happy when they hear my reading style. Within a few pages, I feel really sleepy and put my book aside, pull up my bed covers, and turn off the lamp.

I will soon fall asleep, and I’m sure I’ll have sweet dreams!

Good night and sweet dreams!

Can't wait for tomorrow to start a new day at GPS.