The Sunbeams Campaign represents our 2021 need to raise $1,000,000 for ongoing education, healthcare and community development programming to ensure a full community recovery from the long-term impacts of Covid-19.

Become a Sunbeam by covering the $2,000 for one student and their family to access year-round program delivery and Covid-19 relief.

Help us spread light to all of our 550 students and their families and guarantee they do not get left behind in this covid-19 crisis. You can pay monthly or as a one time-fee.

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It costs $2000 a year to send a child to GPS.

98% of your donation directly funds school programming.

DID YOU KNOW: You don't pay capital gains tax on stock you donate?

You will recieve a tax reciept for the full value of the shares you donate

There are many ways you can give.