GPS Gains a New Sports Arena Thanks to Dr. Flynn

We are thrilled to share that early 2022 will mark the opening of our brand new Flynn Sports Complex donated by the Flynn Foundation! The Flynn complex is named after Dr. John Flynn, who was an exceptional philanthropist in education in India. 

The Sports Complex will offer GPS students, staff and the community a state of the art sports arena complete with running tracks, grounds for football, cricket and hockey, and an indoor court, auditorium and assembly hall. This will be an incredible opportunity for us to host sports competitions and other community events.

We are so grateful to the Foundation for their generous support and to Dr. Flynn for his lifetime commitment to philanthropy. 

In honour of Dr. Flynn, we’d like to share a bit about who he was and his life’s path. 

Dr. Flynn was a scholar of Indian History at the University of Sydney and the Australian National University. His studies ignited a deep interest in India’s diverse cultures, histories and languages, which became a driving force throughout his life and work. 

Dr. Flynn’s frequent journeys to India and growing love for the place led him into charitable projects involving whole villages and communities, including bringing education access to Fijian Indian children and sponsoring youth to study at top schools across the globe.

To Dr. Flynn, English learning was an essential part of quality education. He sponsored youth to study English in New Delhi and established residential programs with english education in New Delhi and Tiruchchirappalli.

The culmination of Dr. Flynn’s lifetime of charitable work in education led Dr Flynn to support the Global Pathways School. He embraced our mission and vision and the exemplar education we deliver students, as well as our mandate to develop English fluency in all our students.

Dr. Flynn passed away in May 2016, but his charitable work and his everlasting contributions continue to this day. As a result of Dr. Flynn’s generosity, countless beneficiaries are now leading empowered lives where they can exercise their full potential in India and elsewhere - including our very own students at GPS.

We remain so grateful.