GPS Run Club

The GPS Run Club harnesses the power of sport to inspire, empower and educate students as they forge a path out of poverty. Running teaches our students essential skills for achieving their goals in life, including confidence, determination and leadership. The club has also increased access to safe exercise and fights stigma around running for all genders. With the support of volunteers, our local running club is connected to a global community of runners and GPS supporters.

What's On

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The Pathway: Run Across the Globe for Education

Over the course of the year, our students collectively walk the distance across the globe. In honour of this pathway to education and pathway out of poverty, we have launched a virtual run fundraiser.
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Pathways to School, Pathways out of Poverty: GPS Run Club

The GPS Run Club has been a staple of the school’s summer camp program for years, and has become a weekly treat in which staff and students can reap the rewards of community fitness.
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