“The wellness of the child directly impacts the health and wellness of the community. The parents are learning from their kids and we see improvement in health for the entire community; it permeates upwards through the kids.” - Dr. Samir Gupta

We combine healthcare, nutrition and healthy lifestyles education to empower our community to be proactive and informed about health.

  • Primary care, medication and referrals as needed
  • Two hot meals and two snacks a day, plus take-home food for families in need
  • Wellness and healthy lifestyles education
  • Physical and mental health activities

In India

More than 1/3 of the children are underweight and/or stunted.

Children's average nutritional levels have decreased between 2015 and 2020.

Less than 44% of young children are fully vaccinated.

About 1/3 of households wash hands with soap and water before a meal.


Only 2-3% of our children are underweight*, down from 79% in 2009.

Our community diet has diversified with the introduction of beans, fruits and vegetables.

100% of our students are fully vaccinated..

It is now community protocol to wash hands, and 100% of households have access to soap and water.