GPS 2021 Graduation Ceremony

Our school Principal, Jim Brickell, delivers a speech to our graduating class of 2021 during an intimate graduation ceremony. Read More

2021 Graduation Speech by GPS Class Topper

Our GPS class topper, Bhuvaneshwari P., delivers a graduation speech to our graduating class of 2021. Read More

Download information on our Education Program

Take a tour of the community through the eyes of the grade 9 class, who documented their lives in Look At Us. To purchase Look At Us, please contact us.


“Time and time again we hear from our students that the teachers, students and staff at GPS have created a community and education experience unlike any other that they have been exposed to. They come back transformed and eager to continue to create the change they seek in the world. We feel privileged to be able to give them this very special opportunity.”

- Struan Robertson, Head of The York School