About Us

The Global Pathways School (GPS) in rural Chettipalayam, India, is creating opportunities for over 500 children and their families to overcome systemic poverty and realize their full potential.

Our school has evolved from developing students’ minds to nurturing their health and the community at large. We learned that the ecosystem that supports the child is just as important to their success as the school. 

GPS is funded by the Village Community Foundation (VCF), a Canadian registered charity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower children to forge pathways out of poverty by building an ecosystem of exceptional education, healthcare and community development. 

Our Vision

To live in a world where all children are raised in thriving, collaborative communities rooted in quality education.

Our Values


We believe all children deserve an equal opportunity to thrive.

Family Love

Children thrive when communities and families nurture and support each other. We show love by appreciating those around us and valuing deep and meaningful relationships. 

Financial Security 

We believe that money should be spent on the school, not on administration. We know the value of building for the future and we are always clear on why and how the money is being spent.