Sudalaimani Thrives as a Production Assistant

When Sudalaimani joined our school as a grade six student, he did not speak a word of English. Over the next six years, he became fully bilingual, developed into an exemplary student in all subject areas, excelled in athletics and music, served as Head Boy, and was a founding member of our Student Leadership Committee. He distinguished himself as a perennial leader among our pioneering first class of graduates. 

Now, Sudalaimani is earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration while working as a Production Assistant at Greener Limited, a garment supplier in nearby Coimbatore. Sudalaimani’s skills in English and logistics, combined with his passion for learning, have helped him thrive at the company, where his role now extends beyond supervising production into communicating with International buyers and visiting suppliers.

We are extremely proud of Sudalaimani and our entire graduating 2020 class and look forward to their ongoing achievements!

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