Summer Camp

“It is incredible to witness the transformation of spirit and confidence during camp. I think there is a magic within camp that can leave a universal impact on anyone who has experienced it.”

–Leah Bandler, Director of Volunteering and Summer Camp

Camp is a lively program that builds youth confidence while cultivating teamwork and community spirit. Designed for the summer months when school is closed, Camp enables us to continue to educate and nourish our students, including ongoing English learning and daily meals and snacks.

Our creative programming is designed for kids to have fun, and is brought to life by our dedicated local staff and our international volunteers. 

A typical Camp day includes art-making, dancing, games and group activities.

We love night campfires complete with s’mores, sing-alongs and dancing.

Olympics is a camp-wide favourite!

Camp is an integral part of fostering deep connections and friendships within the community.

Camp Staff Testimonials

“I don’t know if I can put into words the gratitude I feel towards my experience at GPS summer camp. To be welcomed into the students’ lives and culture so graciously was a precious gift, and one I do not take for granted.”

Britt Lentini (Staff ’18)

“I have seen the evolution of the school in its entirety, and it is truly a beautiful transition that has lifted up not only a group of students but an entire community.”

Ben Sluzar (Staff ’17 -’19)

For more information on our Summer Camp, or to apply to become a camp volunteer, please contact us.